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About Us

Circles for Healing was founded by Christina Jaquez ED.M, in 2018, and it is comprised of two branches. The

first branch is Circles For Healing Consulting LLC, and the second branch is Circles for Healing Nonprofit Organization (501(c)3). CFH Consulting provides businesses, organizations, and individuals with motivational speaking and professional development services, while CFH Nonprofit Organization provides an assortment of free services in marginalized communities and beyond. As a whole, CFH has traveled to multiple countries in Africa, led community-wide social justice projects in collaboration with city officials, provided school districts with professional development workshops that met their needs, hosted a number of culturally responsive events, and provided motivational speaking services for numerous professional conferences and public events. The goal of CFH is to empower, inspire, and uplift the youth, adults, and families in marginalized communities. Community, Inspiration, Revelation, Culture, Love, Elevation, and Strength are the founding principles of Circles for Healing, and they will work diligently to ensure that the voices of all people, in all groups, are heard and empowered in the name of equity. If you desire to reach people in a deeper way, encourage self-reflection, and inspire culturally responsive education and projects, CFH is here for you.

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