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This unique healing combines transmuting divine energy through the palms of practitioners hands with Crystal Healing, Aromatherapy and Sound to release tension, enhance relaxation, well being and rejuvenation. Crystals hold high frequencies of the Sun , Moon, Stars and Oceans. They were born when the Earth was born. They help you to feel that you belong here. Christina, the lead Healer of CFH, is an Intuitive Healer and empath, who is able to provide guidance and words of Spirit guided wisdom, as a medium, in order to guide each participant towards a total life transformation, as they walk their new path of enlightenment.

Healing Service Packages and Prices

Review our service packages and find the best fit for you and your journey of transformation. To book a service please fill out our booking form. 

Full Chakra Cleansing and Healing Ceremony

 Includes full chakra cleansing ceremony with healing crystals and ancestral drumming, aromatherapy, a spiritual reading, a personal healing stone, and an optional Goddess anointing with Full Moon Charged Rose Quartz water (requires full moon charged water to run down face.)


Spiritual Reading and Guidance Only (Tarot Optional)

Our lead healer will scan you and share with you what she sees and feels. This will be a two way conversation, where as many questions can be asked between both parties, and guidance can be given to aid the participant on their healing journey. Participant is not required to share anything that they are uncomfortable with sharing. Christina, the lead healer, is an intuitive healer and medium, who is able to provide guidance and words of Spirit guided wisdom in order to guide each participant.


Online Order Inquiry Form

Once form is submitted, you will receive an email with an invoice.

Please know that this form is a service inquiry form and does not require payment. Payment is only required after email is sent and customer's questions are answered and invoice is  accepted by customer. Payment can be made through invoice if customer agrees to move forward. 

Thanks for your form submission! You will receive an email within 24hrs.


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